Lag Screws For Wood – The Best Choice For Wood-To-Wood Connections

When working with wood, there are a wide variety of fasteners that can be used to hold materials together. The selection ranges from stainless self-tapping sheet metal screws to wood screws and lag bolts. The best choice for a specific project will depend on the material type, load capacity and other considerations.

Lag screws for wood are large-diameter fasteners with hex head styles and sharp threads that create strong gripping power in the material. They are designed to handle heavy loads and large wooden structures and are often found in applications where wood must be securely fastened to other wood or metal components.

While lag screws are often confused with carriage bolt screws, they have distinct differences that make them appropriate for different wood-to-wood connections. Unlike lag screws, which are available with several head types, carriage bolts are only offered in hex heads and require a hex wrench or socket for installation. They also require pre-drilled holes to ensure hassle-free and secure fastening.

SPAX structural screws are a new product that provides a safe and easy alternative to lag bolts for wood-to-wood connections. Developed by an engineer, SPAX PowerLags are made in the USA with superior strength and reliability for professional contractors and weekend DIY’ers alike. Unlike lag bolts, SPAX PowerLags require no pre-drilling and feature a Type 17 drill point that helps the screw start easier with less force. Read on to find out how SPAX PowerLags stack up against lag bolts and other structural screws in terms of shear strength, load-bearing capacity, availability and cost. lag screws for wood

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