Get in the Groove of Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales Costume

The biracial teenage son of an African-American father and Puerto Rican mother, Miles Morales is the second iteration of Marvel’s web-slinging hero. The character first appeared in the Ultimate Marvel imprint, an alternate continuity separate from the main Marvel Universe (Earth-616), in 2011 as part of Ultimate Fallout #4. Following the end of the imprint in 2015 and the launch of All-New, All-Different Marvel in 2016, Miles was relaunched in his own series as part of the mainstream Marvel continuity.

In the game, Miles has a handful of different suits that he can wear, including his default Uptown Pride Suit, which reflects the character’s new Harlem roots, and the Black Panther suit, which features a sleek cyan design with black accents. Those are just the beginning though. In a recent announcement, Marvel showcased five more costumes that will become available as Miles advances in the story of Spider-man 2 on PlayStation 5.

After defeating Itsy Bitsy during the Braithwaite Bridge disaster, Miles and Ganke created a new suit for him to use to combat future threats. The TRACK suit is heavily modified from Peter Parker’s iconic Spider-Man suit, with a red pattern that stops short of his torso logo, no webbing on his arms, and a black mask.

This is the hand-me-down suit that Miles initially starts the game with, and it definitely has some DIY vibes to it. Its hood is tucked into the jacket, which has a bluish puffer style. The gloves and pants have some sportswear vibes too, and the mask has a kind of hastily drawn spider logo over it. Spider-man Miles Morales Costume

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